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Welcome, I’m Martina Nyamainashe, and I help women who are struggling with the process of recovering from a relationship breakup.  My work is to help them quicken their recovery from the emotional pain and sting of the breakup.  So that they can create new fulfilling relationships with their soul mates.

What I find is that several months to many years after the relationship breakup these women are still hurting, often they are afraid to move on, have lost their confidence in relationships and developed low self-esteem, some are still resentful of their ex and struggle with letting go of the past hurts.

What they really want is to stop obsessing over their ex, bring an end to the heartache, to quicken their recovery process so that they can create new fulfilling relationships with their soul mates.

Are You Ready To Go From Struggling With The Process Of Relationship Breakup, To Standing In Your Power?

To Be Empowered So You Can Face Your Fears, Know Your Worth, Learn How To Love Yourself,  And Begin To Live Your Truth?

This Is Your Time To Step Out Of The Past And Into Your Magnificence, So You Can Call In Your Soul Mate?

Join Me As We Help The World Heal, Transform Ourselves Into Powerful Accountable Strong Heart Centred Responsible Women, Who Know Their Worth And Purpose In Creating And Designing Their Lives From The Heart


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What People Are Saying

“Thanks for coming into my life and helping me deal with my life’s issues. I am in such a wonderful space and mind frame. I’m now dating someone who make me feel special. Thanks you were heaven sent. Please continue with your amazing job and be a blessing to others the same way you were to me!”



“I realised that you are great, when you came into my life which was a mess. You showed me how I was creating my own mess. Your guidance helped me to find balance and restore my self esteem and confidence. Today I am in a good place, I have a good relationship with myself and making better choices thank you!”



“You came into my life at a time when I had lost all hope. I was broken and could not see the light, and you helped me come out of that darkness into a place where I was able to let go of the breakup. Now I live in joy and I am happy to be raising my kids on my own. I was not an easy person to work with but your patience and love is what kept me coming back, thank you!”


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