Arise And Shine The World Is Awaiting Your Gifts

Arise And Shine The World Is Awaiting Your Gifts

All of us are gifted, no one came into this earth with nothing to offer. You might not see it that way but there is a wealth of evidence that will show you.You are truly wired with unique gifts that are needed for this time and in this life. Many years ago when I could only perceive with my natural eyes. I could only see what was available to that realm, but when my spiritual eyes opened my perception shifted. When I first heard this statement arise and shine the world is awaiting your gifts, I didn’t understand what that meant. We have been programmed that there are only a few stars in this world and that does not include you and me the normal people. Experience now has proved that theory wrong.

In this generation most people want to know what they are doing on this earth. I get to answer this question quite a lot now. I am fascinated by how most people are no longer driven by the old school mentality and are seeking how they can serve as heart centred individuals. Our struggle is not in the fact that we don’t know who we are but in the ability to articulate our heart’s messages. We get confused by conflicting advice we get from around us and those who expect to know. It takes a while to identify our individuality and how we can serve humanity with that. We struggle with what our hearts are guiding us to and the expectations that society has imposed on us. I find this quite frustrating because there is still a big need for mindsets to change and it’s happening so slowly.

How Do You Articulate Your Gifts?

When you have clear focus, openness and the ability to perceive from different angles, it will be easy for you to identify the gifts, articulate their purpose and start working on using the gifts. Then there are those of who are like me we go through a lot blindly, looking for what is right under our noses but we still can’t see it even if it is pointed to us many times.

Using The Wisdom Of Your Life Story

All of us have life stories, and many of use our stories have wisdom that we can use to help and serve others with. The only issue we have is we are too awestruck by those who have already learned how to use their gifts such that we give up our stories for theirs as it’s easier as the road has already been paved. in this wisdom you can arise and shine your light to the world.

Who Is Seeking Your Help?

Pay attention to them that come your way, they are seeking to be assisted by you for a reason. They are coming into your presence with a message encoded in seeking your help and you have to decode what that means to you. You have something they need and the world needs what is that?

Arise And Shine The World Is Awaiting Your Gifts

You can identify your own gifts very easily and step out to begin your journey. There are other who struggle with this and they may need a lot of assistance to help them find their gifts. Most of us had our gifts suppressed due to some of our upbringing beliefs and values. Many other things might have caused you to shut down your gifts too.There are many systems that are available to help you these days. Let your light shine brighter everyday of your life.

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