They Say Time Heals The Broken Heart

They Say Time Heals The Broken Heart

They say time heals the broken heart, but I see many who have been wounded a long time ago still struggling with their wounds. In confusion I ask, so what does it mean when they are telling us that? We are living in a society where many are broken and yet this statement is being repeated so many times. Don’t worry they say time heals the broken heart. So when will that time come for me? A little trigger still opens the wounds and I find myself right back where I was when my heart got broken.

You might think that this is the story of one person only. A woman who refused to let go but it is the story of many women. We have been wounded by societal beliefs, cultures, expectations and manipulations. The role has been modified to the point that, it has stripped us of the knowledge of who we are. Suffering and in pain, we tell ourselves we are strong and yet inside we are falling apart.

We appear like we have it all together and yet the deep struggles are so real. They are overwhelming, we keep it together so that our kids can at least have someone who they know cares and loves them. They are not fools they see right past the veils. It alters their behaviour, they start looking elsewhere to rid of their pain. But they still say time heals the broken heart, then you wonder do they not see that the effect of the brokenness has not been reduced by time but it has grown with time.

The Difficulties Of Single Parenting

Sometimes you think you have overcome the most difficult times of your life and then suddenly something happens and you are right back in that place again. You are raising kids alone and you feel the burden of single parenting. Yet he left and is living life like he has never had a child with anyone. You still say time heals the broken heart, yet mine is breaking many times when I can’t pay my children’s school fees, when I don’t have enough to pay the bills, to buy them what they need and to keep them out of the streets from begging.

You still say time heals the broken heart even when I am in depression, and there is no light in my darkness. How can you believe that it is true, you keep stringing me along with your words of hope that maybe one day someone or something will come and save me. Where are they right now in my deepest need, when I am hurting and I need them to reach over and help me.

At times I pull myself together and wear the musk of a strong woman who can overcome anything and everything. I can just about get through the day then I slump back into my bed for a sleepless night of tears, shame, unworthiness, guilt and blame. I beat myself down, I no longer see the beautiful girl that once was full of life and joy yet you still say time will heal the broken heart. What is time? Is it a healer? Where is that time you keep telling me about?

Break Free Into A New Realm Of Living

As humanity, we have developed this ability to not want to address issues when they arise. We push them back and hide under the guise that time will heal our issues. Yet time reminds us that we still have issues to deal with. Now and again we will be reminded of the issues so we can heal them. If we don’t see it then the pattern repeats until we do. Many old patterns are showing up right now for healing we see them everywhere. We are being challenged right now to shift our thinking, change our systems and even our beliefs. How long are we going to wait for time to heal the broken heart? How long shall we let time reveal to us what needs to be addressed before we take action to face our issues and deal with them?

Are you tired of waiting for time to heal you? Are you ready to heal your broken heart and address the issues your soul has been calling you to do all along? This is your time to take the opportunity and begin doing the inevitable. Book an appointment with me for a free breakup recovery session.

I created this course brokenness to wholeness for you to start your healing journey. This is just the beginning but it will give you what you need to start out. Then you can walk through the rest of the journey till you fulfil your soul purpose for this life.

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What Is Your Beingness Saying To The Next Generation?

What Is Your Beingness Saying To The Next Generation?

What Is Your Beingness Saying To The Next Generation?

There are so many disgusting things that have been done to women, so much injury, abuse, horrific experiences and injustices have been suffered by many. The surprising thing is these women are standing and doing their best with life. Some of them still suffer in silence as what they experienced is in utterable. The keep silent because society judges the good the bad and the ugly in the same way. At times those who have been victims of these abuses choose to remain silent so they can keep their sanity.

What would you say to a world that is filled with people who enjoy the suffering of others? And those who turn a blind eye simply because it’s not happening to themselves?  What about those who make it their role to put others through torture and torment, just so that they can take what belongs to another? What do we say, what words do we use to this kind of greediness? With this behaviour what are we leaving for the next generation? Do we consider them at all?

What happens when the solutions we are offering are band-aids only? How do we resolve our issues if we are not willing to look back to the cause and address it? Why do we keep coming up with solutions of avoidance? Have we not learned that these are not solutions? Have we not seen that all we have done to prevent has not changed anything?

When are we going to wake up and step up into our positions as the solution bringers?. The world has been groaning awaiting for you and me to wake up. Awake my sister, activate your power, connect to your essence and express your uniqueness to all of us.

The desire for power has corrupted our minds. The need for riches is making us insensitive to the trail of destruction we are making. Others desire to be worshipped taking away the power from the weak so that they do not think and question what they are being told. Our own ignorance has kept us bound in chains of personal imprisonment. Where do we go from here? How do we start to correct the wrongs making them right? How do we educate our children when we were miseducated?

I want to ask who are you being right now? What is your beingness saying to the next generation? The answer my dear sister in living in you! Let’s journey together and return to love.


Purpose, Power Or Money What’s Driving You?

Purpose, Power Or Money What’s Driving You?

The realm we are on now is calling us to change from living life the same way our forefathers lived. We have made some progress, but our collective consciousness is still engrained in the old systems. We have been driven by the desire for power and money so much that we have forgotten how to live in harmony with each other. We have forgotten how to create a new system that works for all living and none living beings. Let’s examine the activities we are taking are they driven by purpose, power or money?

We are now in a time where we need to review and reflect on how we have been living on this planet. We have a generation of beings that are being born with the consciousness of making this planet better than what it has been. We need to change along with them so that we can leave a better planet when we die. Many of us are waking up to the awareness that we have to be driven by purpose and not power or money. We have been living in a generation that has been driven by power and money at the expense of humanity and our planet.

What’s Driving You Purpose, Power Or Money?

The thing that helps us to wake up is self-examination. For a very long time, we have been driven by the desire of having what we see. In the process, we have forgotten who we are. We made the accumulation of different things become the purpose of our lives.  Yet most of us have been yearning for something more. We have admired those who seemed to have gotten it together and were living their purpose. But looking deep are they really? I love scripture and one of the verses says “You will know them by their fruits”, (Matthew 7:15-20). What does this mean?

Most of us only see what our natural eyes can, and we form our beliefs based on that. Unfortunately, as human being’s, we are very clever. Many understand how to deceive by making us you see only what they want us to see. It makes you blind to the hidden things because your focus is only on the natural. This means you’ve got to engage some other type of perception. The one that allows you to see their fruits, not only what they want you to see. You have to be able to see beyond the natural.  It’s a calling for you to engage the other parts of you that have been lying dormant.

Where Is Your Focus Purpose, Power or Money?

It’s easier to point fingers and blame than to take responsibility for your own contribution to this planet. We sometimes act as if it’s not our fault, someone else is responsible for the mess we are in. So the hot potato is passed around and no one really focuses on ending the cycle. But we all focus on keeping things comfortable. We are too afraid to rock the boat. Yet it’s a matter of time before we are swallowed by the waves of our own creations. Decide what’s driving you, purpose, power or money? This will help you understand the steps you need to take to come into alignment with your purpose.


How To Handle A Break Up With Someone You Love

How To Handle A Break Up With Someone You Love

The one you love has broken up with you, you are devastated, your emotions are running helter-skelter, and you are feeling hurt and fearful. So how to handle a break up with someone you love?  This is the state that most of us go through when our relationship has broken up. There are many emotions that we feel and at times we don’t even understand them. All we want is to get over the feeling, either by the person coming back or any other way. The issue is most of us don’t know any other way so we turn to what is familiar.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Handle A Break Up With Someone You Love

Accepting that this is what it is!

Most of us we struggle with acceptance of the situation and this is where most of our troubles begin. If you can accept what the relationship has come to an end, despite what happened you make it easy on yourself, your kids and anyone else involved. Most women want to fight to remain in a relationship that is not working. When we create drama, realize that you will still have to deal with the mess that you create at some level. It’s okay for you to still love that person, but how you handle the situation determines what you are going to live with, in the future. Will you choose regret or suffering so accept that it’s over so you can begin to rebuild from a good foundation.

We can not make anyone else love us, so the best thing when a relationship comes to an end is to handle everything with care, compassion, and love. Some of us it’s not about how to handle a break up with someone you love? It is more about how you react to the news of the breakup. Once you are able to understand yourself more you will think and see differently. Who are you being in the break-up story?

Allow Yourself To Grieve

Grief is an inbuilt internal healing process. Most of us we avoid grieving or we grieve too much so either way, we are out of balance. If we allowed ourselves to grieve properly we will save ourselves from unnecessary heartache and hurt. Once you have gone through this process it will be easy for you to move to the next step.

Embrace Being Alone

Most of us jump into the next relationship without even thinking twice about it and we end up creating the same pattern many times. You need to embrace being alone, so you can learn how to handle a break up appropriately. Learn to have a good relationship with yourself, so that you do not need company to distract yourself from being you. Develop new skills for loving you and enjoy being single really learn what you want in a man before you commit again. If you don’t do this you will keep attracting the same kind of men that drop you when you think they are serious.

Review Your Past Relationship

What was good about it? Who do you need to become in order for you to attract a lifelong partner? What changes can you make about yourself? Do some soul searching and healing so you can open the channels for good to come your way.

Helping you to transform and empowering you to live, love and serve from your heart. If you need more assistance on how to handle a break up with someone you love. Click here to Signup for my free mini-course.


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