How To Get Over Breakup Quickly

How To Get Over Breakup Quickly

If you learned how to get over breakup quickly would it change the way you are living your life now? If you knew what to do and how to get over relationship breakup quickly, what would that do for you?

Many of the women who have been through breakup would say “YES” of course. When your heart has been broken it is hard to trust another person again. There are many who have walked this path but are still finding it difficult to comprehend how it is possible to heal a broken heart.

How To Get Over Breakup QuicklyMany women find that getting into a new relationship is hard, especially when they have children to consider. They want to make sure they protect themselves and the children from men who have wrong motives. The process of sifting them is not easy. We have seen many women make this mistake and it cost them their children’s happiness and love.

When you do not give yourself time to learn how to get over breakup quickly, you will start to think that your life is now limited to you and your kids only. This belief that there is no hope for romance can lead you to live in the realm of thinking loving someone else could bring you back into the bondage of breakup again. It’s even more challenging if you have been through a few relationships that ended the same way.

The Importance Of Learning How To Get Over Breakup Quickly

Breakup really sucks but if you have been through it a few times it is easier to give up than to keep trying. You will start to convince yourself that maybe a good relationship is not for you! Many women are living this story and it is hard to let go of it. There are so many women I talk to, that are going through this struggle and it is time to change your story.

I started Transforming Empowerment Coaching a few years ago. This was in response to a deep yearning in my soul to reach out for the broken-hearted. I felt the need to help other women who felt stuck and were just living their lives from a place of brokenness. Since saying yes to my soul’s call I had to learn a lot.The process involved healing of my own brokenness through a lot of trial and error. I made a lot of mistakes, had many failures and disappointments but there were many successes too.

The Game Changer In Relationship’s Breakup

These experiences helped me to figure out what is import and works.  Many women going through these challenges they might look the same but they have a unique approach that is needed. We used to have one answer to all and now the realm has changed. We need to adjust to that which works here and now in our dimension. There are many who have come and gone before me who played their role in this challenge.We can not fault them in any way but there is a need for change and a new empowerment.

You can never learn all you need from one person. It takes exposure to different teachers for you to know and understand your true self. Everyone has a part to play in our lives. Some give us good advice and others bad advice. These are needed just that way so we can learn to make good choices and expand.  Unfortunately, when you are going through a tough time you are vulnerable. Other’s can take advantage of you. But remember all things work together for good it will always work out but it is important to follow your heart.

Life is too beautiful to live with hurt and emotional baggage. You do have a choice to let it go or hold on to it. Both ways you learn something. We are all encouraged though to choose to enjoy life. If you are struggling to recover from relationship breakup, here is a call to you. Your time to heal and move forward is now. Give yourself permission to say YES to your heart’s desires, so I can serve you.

If you are resonating with this call, then get in touch with me, book your Free 45min Breakup Recovery Breakthrough Session here. No string’s attached you will get to experience me and my work. If you like me then you can choose to work with me if not there is someone else waiting to serve you. It’s all good.


Sometimes Life Throws Us A Curve Ball

The stories of our lives can change instantly.
Our hopes and treasures can be removed without negotiation.
The things we thought were fo life can be taken down without notice.
The relationships we built can end up being the source of our deepest pains.

The job we love the cause of our dis-eases.
The people we thought were our keepers can turn into our enemies.
The things that used to bring us joy can be the very things that cause us suffering and anxiety.
Sometimes it easier to hide our pain so we can keep our masks on.

The pain of love sometimes unbearable it can cause us to turn away from the very love that we desire.
Our hearts are delicate, never keep grudges, hatred, bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness in there.
Like acid that is poured into the wrong container will destroy it, so will all these negative energies in your heart destroy you the carrier.

Why would you trade peace love and joy for grudges hatred and bitterness?
Wickedness is there and is created in the heart of mankind.
Every tree produces its own kind, how do you manifest love when your heart is full of anger, hurt, pain and a desire to revenge?
How do you love when you spend time judging and comparing?

Musings from my heart to yours

By Martina Nyamainashe

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