What You Need To Do Before Ending Your Relationship

What You Need To Do Before Ending Your Relationship

What You Need To Do Before Ending Your Relationship

Are you surprised? Did you know that many people get out of one relationship many times? They still come back to the same things they left for in the first place? Did you know that many others live a life of regret, after they ended relationships that meant a lot to them prematurely? Beliefs play a big role in our behaviours when things start to go wrong in our relationships. I have here put together here a list of what You need to do before ending your relationship.

Life is calling for us to change things and make decisions differently. We are being inspired to transform our past behaviours by changing how we see our reality. Making the transformative change that marks a big leap in generational beliefs that are harmful. Our emotions are delicate we need to take care of them by naturing our thinking and perception.

So Where Do You Start?

Right where you are, not after the breakup but before it happens. You know that things are not well, you can see the tell, tell signs of it. It is very obvious to you but we are taught to make excuses and avoid confrontation. The truth is it hurts, the more you pretend that all is well, the deeper your wounds get. The more others tell you, things will get better just pray, the more frustrated you will get and begin to develop and erratic behaviour that was never part of you.

Below is a video where Summarised what I think is important when your relationship coming to an end. I use these tips to help my clients heal themselves before they make the decision to break up.

Most people will fall apart when a relationship breaks up. We struggle with acceptance of anything that’s coming to an end. We fight, sulk, beg, stifle ourselves and attempt to become something that we are not in order to prevent a breakup. What we forget is that everything hs a beginning and an ending.

We just need to realise that some endings are not what we consciously chose. Somehow along our timelines, we made the decisions to experience life this way for a reason. We need to understand that sometimes all we have to do is to learn how to evolve from the experience.

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