Getting In Touch With Your Essence

To Uncover Who You Are Without The Baggages
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This is a four week online course was designed for self learning. There are many women who desire to change their stories after reationship breakup and  have been struggling to do so because of financial limitations. Where ever you are in the world this is for you if you are committed to do whatever it takes to start letting go of your emotional baggages so you can free yourself to live, love and serve.

Healing through emotion code helps to uncover the barriers, limitations, psychic traumas and many other trapped emotions. These are energies stuck in your body that you have been carrying and are blocking your life from good health, abundance, joy and love.

You can make huge shifts by removing these energies from your body. The emotion code is a none invasive method that does not require you to go through the painful emotions whilst healing.

Who needs the emotion code sessions?

  • If you want to create a dramatic change in how you think and make choices
  • If you want to quickly get rid of damaging emotional baggage
  • If you want to unlock, better health, good relationships and abundance
  • If you want to change habits quickly
  • If you know there is something stopping you or causing you to self-sabotage and you can not point finger at it, the emotion code will uncover the hidden source of your issues.

 Trapped Emotions are invisible energies that can put so much pressure on you causing pain and making you form habits that harm you. Trapped Emotions can affect you physically just as much as they can mentally and emotionally. Most of the struggles we experience are significantly caused by these unseen energies.

We see evidence of this regularly when someone is healed of childhood trauma, they suddenly stop a habit they have been trying to stop for years and have been failing. Someone with pain that medications are not helping, the pain significantly reduces when the trapped emotions are removed.

This program is for women who want more than the self paced learning course provides. You desire to do the work yourself, share in a group with others and to be coached in areas that you are struggling with. This is for you if you want to get over the relationship breakup quickly and be prepared for the next relationship in 90 days or less. This takes commitment and a willingness to do what you have never done before.

One To One Coaching With Martina Nyamainashe

It’s easier to see what the someone else need to do than it is for yourself. Often we struggle to find our own path to healing and we need someone else to intervene and help us when we can’t find our own way. If you do not recognize that you are living in your own limitations you could go on for a very long time in circles of the same patterns expecting different results.When you go through the same issue twice or three times stop and find out why? Relationship breakup patterns can keep you going in circles with a broken heart.

You no longer need to live like that!

Imagine being able to……..

  • Walk the street without getting into a panic attack from fearing that you will meet your ex with someone else.
  •  Rebuilding your life without the plaguing energy of loneliness.
  • Being able to go about your life without the feeling of shame for no longer being in a relationship.
  • Free yourself to love again by healing from the heartbreak and heartache
  • Living your life without anger, bitterness, and resentment towards your ex
  • Become aligned with your truth so you can call in your soul mate who is in alignment with his soul purpose.

You can have all the above and more through my 1-1 coaching program. In this program, we will work out your personal requirement, clarify what you want, put together a strategy of how you can get your results quickly and help you to master your mind so you can begin to create in harmony with your heart’s desires. For a free coaching session with me click on the button below my photo to schedule an appointment.

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