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Martina Nyamainashe


I am an entrepreneur and Transforming Empowerment Coach who can show you how to recover quickly from the relationship breakup, step into your life purpose and call in your soul mate.

Sounds Interesting,

I started out as a Life Coach and Emotion Code Practitioner, then soon realized that those who were being drawn to me were women who were heartbroken from past relationships that ended unceremoniously. My soul too was calling me to be someone the heartbroken would go to and find comfort, healing and the way back to love. But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds, I didn’t want to do this, I have been married for many years and the only thing I knew about breakup was from my younger years before I got married, I felt inadequate, unequipped and did not believe I had anything to offer the broken-hearted.

So How Did I Get Here?

Here Is My Story!

In my childhood years, I had this feeling of compassion that was unexplainable for anyone who was suffering. I would feel their pain and then this overwhelming feeling to help them would overshadow me. I remember being asked to pray when we were in scripture union or in our family get-togethers. My peers seemed to think I did that better than them, so most fingers would point to me when the time for prayer came up. It was natural for me so I did it with grace never thinking there was anything in it. I was always drawn into this realm throughout my younger life.

From my young age, I was an entrepreneur at heart, if my mum and grandmother needed to sell something I was the one they sent. It’s wasn’t fun because others were playing and I was out there working but the rewards were great as my grandmother would often buy me new dresses to say thank you.When the time to choose my career came I wanted to be a teacher, but circumstances caused me to end up being a nurse. During our time as young adults, you either had to be a nurse or teacher that is where the job security was.

Heartbroken But Not Destroyed

Then I fell in love, my heart was broken and things changed. Later I met my husband got married and we started our family.  I was living my dream life, never thought about my past experiences. As far as I was aware there was nothing worth fretting about. We lived a normal happy life to our best as a family, working hard to pay our bills and everything that came our way. Somewhere along this happy experience things began to get difficult, we were facing financial challenges and then health problems started. Unconsciously I began seeking to find the cause then I was drawn back into my younger spiritual experiences.

This time around I was hungry to have that experience again but there were mountains to climb, rivers to cross and valley’s to climb out of. This journey opened for me a path that I didn’t know existed. During this quest, many spiritual teachers showed up when I was ready to learn what they had to teach me. So I became a student and came into a relationship with the Spirit we call God/Goddess/Universe or whatever you use. My life from there took on a new turn.

My Personal Healing

My self-healing began with removing the emotional baggage that was overwhelming my soul.I had to uncover the root causes of my issues. In the process, I discovered that the heartbreak as a young woman was still affecting how I lived my life. The soul doesn’t forget, it records every experience you go through and then unconsciously to you develop defense mechanisms to help protect you from hurting again.

As my life got clearer from emotional baggage, I became clearer in the knowledge of who I am and what I am here to do. My way of relating to other people changed and I began to perceive differently. The spiritual guidance became easier to hear, understand and follow. What’s inside your soul determines what level of frequency you vibrate and create from.

How You Create

Your emotions are the medium of these vibrations. Your life as is now you created from these vibrations of your soul, if you are vibrating at a low level you are in disharmony and you create suffering, and when you are vibrating at a higher level you are in harmony and you create joy and happiness.

Your emotions are the medium of these vibrations. Your life as is now you created from these vibrations of your soul, if you are vibrating at a low level you are in disharmony and you create suffering, and when you are vibrating at a higher level you are in harmony and you create joy and happiness.

It’s not being in a relationship that makes you happy, you bring joy into the relationship that’s what makes you happy. Every baby brings joy to their families, they don’t come with a load of cash to make us happy, just their presence has that impact. You were once that baby just remember you still have it in you to bring about that joy wherever you are and whoever you are with.  YOU can change it all back to that baby status and be a bringer of joy into your atmosphere.

Here Is How I Can Help You

As you have probably figured out from my story, I want to bring lasting change to everyone’s life that I work with. I am not here for the fluff and find your own way thing, that didn’t work for me and I will not do it for another person. My work helps you to uncover your issues and then heal them from their root cause. So If you are ready for the transformation here is what you will get from me.

Bring an end to creating the same relationships over and over again.

The ability to heal your core wounds that are causing you relationship problems

Remove your inherited genetic patterns that keeps you making the same kind of choices

Help you move from heartbreak to love

Help you be in alignment with your soul purpose and call in your soul mate

And there is more but we can only dig deep on a one to one chat.

If what you have read here made you curious and tickled you into wanting to know more, then join me on my free online class by clicking on the button below. If you are in a hurry and fancy having a chat with me, then click the link to book your free relationship breakup strategy session.


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