What I Do

I work with women, who struggle with finding their soul’s purpose. I will help you uncover the hidden secrets of your life’s struggles, by decoding the truth of your experiences. This is done so that you can get into alignment with your soul’s purpose, enabling you to live, love and serve and fulfill your heart’s desires.

My Philosophy

I believe that everyone was born with greatness, equipped to live, love and serve fully in the timeline they are born into. Our beliefs, cultures and societal values have placed a limitation on this greatness.Thereby we have created a society of women who do not know their true identity,purpose and are not living  their highest potential.

In our environment we have created suffering, negativity and a rollercoaster of distractive behaviours that are working against us. We are all so brilliant and have so much to give to our realm. Some of us need healing from the brokenness, caused by our own ignorance. Some of the ignorance we inherited from those gone who were only interested in enriching themselves without thinking of the consequences that will follow. We have partook of this for so long, now is the time for us to make corrections. We need to leave a legacy for our children and those who will come when we are long gone.

I believe transformation starts with women who know their soul’s purpose. Most of these women have been through tough times, difficulty experiences and are heartbroken.  Yet within them is the seed of greatness which was being nurtured and strengthened by the tough times. It is now time for you to show up and begin changing your environment by living your truth. Step into your soul’s purpose my sister together we can do great exploits.

My Methods

I use various methods to help you come into alignment with your life purpose. These methods work differently so I work out with individuals, to find what works for them.  At times we have to use a combination of modalities in order to achieve the best results.    Mostly I use the emotion code, the peace process and meditation to remove trapped emotions that might be in the way of you living your highest potential.

Transforming and empowerment coaching plays a big role in getting you to dig deep and find all the hidden jewels within. This will help to uncovered your  heart’s desires and so we can set you up to be in alignment with your soul’s purpose and be ready to shine out your light in the world.

My Goals

My goal is to empower women so they can transform generations.

Everyone is here on this planet for a purpose, nobody is just here to while up time.

My goal is to help you come into alignment with your signature soul purpose so that you can begin to live in that place where all things work together for good.

I will help you see the vision of where you want to go then map out your way to get there.

I am out to have you get results so that you can live, love,serve and have a fulfilled life.

The Power is us women together we can do great exploits and fulfil God’s assignment for us. It is the season for transformation.

Clearing Of Negative Heart Energies


Have you ever heard the statement ? ” Above all guard your heart for out of it flows issues of life”(Proverbs 4:23)

Most of us have been wounded in our past, through bad parenting, bad relationships, bad choices, traumatic experiences, bad human created systems, abusive systems, negative environmental influences, peer pressure, inherited wounds and many other ways.

These wounds in our hearts are destructive, we all know that a hurting person can hurt others very easily. We have to change our stories in order to end suffering. The enemy is not outside but is within us.

We have to understand how this is coming about and that until we deal with what is in our hearts, clean it out and leave what is good we will remain confused and keep fighting the wrong battles.

Here is a chance to heal your heart, so you can create from a good place. One person at a time we can begin to heal each other,and make a way for others heal their hearts too that’s how we begin to heal our world.


Brokenness To Wholeness Coaching For Women


Lasting relationships are founded on much more than human kind of love. It goes much deeper than the physical attraction, it’s an understanding created from the soul level.

Most of people end their search on physical attraction and common interests but usually they quickly find out it’s not enough so the search goes on leaving behind a trail of disharmony, heartaches and brokenness.

Often we tend to repeat the story of our parents or lack of. Some people even choose to not get into relationships for fear of repeating their parent’s stories.

The time has come for you to heal the wounds of past relationship breakups, get over the fear you created, remove the emotional baggage that is causing you to keep creating and attracting the same type of men that hurt you.

Brokenness to wholeness coaching will help you to raise the bar on yourself, so that you can increase your self esteem, gain your confidence back and begin creating healthy relationships that give you room to grow and be the best version of yourself.

Transforming & Empowerment Coaching For Women Leaders


Your journey in this life might have been marred with, health issues, relationship problems, suffered much trauma, struggles with past experiences that have caused you to feel depressed, sad and anxious.

You are searching for your purpose in all this! Are you ready to unlock the doors and discover the gifts that your unique soul signature has been calling you out for?

Transformation starts by understanding that everything that has happened to you, with you and in you has been an orchestrated divine plan for you to fulfill your assignment in this life.

If I told that you are here reading this specifically because you have been divinely directed here as an answer to your quest.

We are all in this divine plan and mine is to help you identify who you are, where you are, where you want to go and how to get there, so we can all move in synchronicity.

Would you allow me to help you step into your life purpose so you can finally live fully, love purposely and serve wholeheartedly.

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