Most of us were raised to live life by default, with a whatever happens attitude. Then we have that side of us that wants success and good things but we are stuck in that wanting mode but never moving into a place where we can create what we desire.

Our education doesn’t help us very much in this area so we are so easily deceived by the shiny object syndrome hoping that it will get us to our desires but unfortunately, it ends others in trouble and leave us feeling like we are unworthy, unlucky, it was never meant to be, frustrated, depended, victims and dejected.

Truth life was never meant to be like that but we were born into systems that were created to serve a few by keeping others ignorant of who they really are. If you don’t know who you are you can easily be moved into a victim, desperation and doing anything so you can survive. Guess who it will serve?Definitely not you.

In The New Year What Are Your Plans?

As we embark into 2018 make an effort to do things differently this time. Your help is not coming from outside you but it is within you the part of you that you were never told to pay attention to in favour of what is outside you. Make an effort to learn more about who you are, how you have created what you have and what you can do to change things. As you do this you are not just doing this for you but you are changing the collective consciousness of those around you. So really you think it’s about you but reality shows it was never just about you but about us.

Last week I talked about ending 2017 well you can watch the video click the link below if you haven’t done so yet here.

Ending 2017 Well Your Year In Review

After reviewing your year what are the 3 things you want to bring along into 2018?

What are your 3 major goals for these 3 things

Is there anything you want to start up in 2018?

What are your goals for that new thing, what’s the end result you want to see/have or experience?

How often are you going to review your goals?

Whats your theme for 2018? and what’s your guiding light?

Create your vision board using images that will inspire you to take the correct action.

What new habits are you going to work with?

Who is your sounding board?

For your Health?



or whichever area you want to grow in?

For any significant success, you need a coach. Contact me by booking a free session click the link below to book your free session.

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